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Nintendo To Reveal NX Console Tomorrow

20/10/2016 02:54:57   In News  
nintendo, nx, console, reveal
Yup. It’s happening folks! After almost drowning in landfill of Nintendo console rumours, we are going to get our first look of their all new console

FIFA 17 Demo Is Out Now For PlayStation 4 On PlayStation Network

14/09/2016 05:04:35   In News  
fifa 17, demo, playstation, 4, network
Players are able to try out the Journey Mode where you played as Alex Hunter, Premier League’s rising star and play through a small career portion

The Last Guardian Delayed Again To 6th December 2016

13/09/2016 04:12:42   In News  
the last guardian, playstation, 4, game
The highly anticipated game The Last Guardian which was introduced in 2009 has been officially delayed to 6th December 2016.

PlayStation Meeting 2016 Recap

08/09/2016 10:54:14   In News  
playstation, 4 pro, vr, 4k, hdr, gaming
Sony officially unveiled PlayStation 4 “Slim” & the beefier sibling PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony Announces PlayStation Games Lineup For Tokyo Game Show 2016

06/09/2016 08:03:30   In News  
news, playstation, tokyogameshow, tokyo game show 2016, tgs2016, tgs
Tokyo Game Show 2016 is just around the corner & Sony has revealed a huge list of games consisting of upcoming PlayStation 4, Vita & VR games

Nintendo NX: Everything We Know So Far

26/08/2016 04:05:31   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, nintendo, nx, console
Nintendo did an excellent job maintaining secrecy of their upcoming gaming console, the Nintendo NX.

PlayStation 4 Slim Model Leaked Online

22/08/2016 02:18:08   In News  
news, playstation, 4, slim
A slimmer version PlayStation 4 apparently cropped up on UK auction site Gumtree

5 Things About Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign

18/08/2016 04:21:20   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, news, titanfall 2, titanfall, playstation
Respawn Entertainment has announced that Titanfall 2 has a story driven single player campaign

Square Enix Releases 50 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

17/08/2016 03:16:10   In News  
final fantasy, 15, news, playstation
Square Enix posted 50 minute of Final Fantasy XV gameplay footage from Gamescom 2016

So...Final Fantasy XV Delayed To 29 November 2016

15/08/2016 10:33:31   In News  
final fantasy, 15, playstation, news
FFXV Game Director, Hajime Tabata, today posted an announcement on YouTube that Final Fantasy XV

Check Out Florence + The Machine's Songs For Final Fantasy XV

15/08/2016 04:41:08   In News  
final fantasy, xv, music, playstation, news
Florence + the Machine have released 3 songs for the upcoming game Final Fantasy XV

Sony Bringing New Playstation Games At Gamescom 2016

11/08/2016 06:51:12   In News  
gamescom, 2016, playstation, vr, 4, games
While PlayStation Meeting is 4 weeks away, Sony is filling the void by preparing to showcase their PlayStation VR & upcoming games at Gamescom 2016

Sony Set To Reveal Something Exciting

10/08/2016 05:12:08   In News  
playstation, neo, news, console
Sony has sent out an invitation to media outlets (one day…we’re gonna get there) to a Playstation Meeting 2016 event at PlayStation Theatre

No Man's Sky 1.03 Big Update Brings Big Changes

09/08/2016 03:15:20   In News  
no man's sky, update, patch, ps4, news
No Man’s Sky developer, Hello Games has announced on their website that the new day one update (Version 1.03)

As It Happens...Pokémon Go Banned In Iran

08/08/2016 09:58:34   In News  
pokemon, go
An immensely popular augmented reality app, Pokémon Go has officially been banned by High Council of Virtual Spaces in Iran. They are basically respon

Immerse Yourself in PlayStation VR

05/08/2016 08:53:05   In News  
playstation, vr, headset, games, tinyrobot
Recently, it starting to grow in popularity this year with many technology companies producing VR devices for mainstream market including Sony with th

No Man’s Sky Is A Truly Open Universe

03/08/2016 10:12:53   In News  
no man's sky, playstation, news
No Man’s Sky is a highly anticipated game which features an impossibly vast procedurally generated universe for players to explore.

Good Times With NES Classic Edition

28/07/2016 02:05:46   In News  
nintendo, nes, classic, news
Nintendo recently made a surprising announcement with their new, mini version of the popular 80’s Nintendo Entertainment System console.

Announcing The New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations Edition

20/07/2016 07:46:25   In News  
monster hunter, nintendo, 3ds, news
Good news for Monster Hunter fans! The special edition Monster Hunter Generations Edition 3DS XL console will be gracing into our TinyRobot store