Demon Slayer: Sweep The Board! Releasing this April 2024

More than just a Mario Party Clone

Vinces L

Rejoice, Demon Slayer fans! We’re getting another video game! Although it is less actiony, the new game will be more casual, which means all fans of different age groups can enjoy it together!


The fusion of the popular Mario Party formula into the world of Demon Slayer introduces an innovative and unique approach to storytelling and gameplay. With this unique fusion, the game offers both new and old fans a new opportunity to immerse themselves in the series.

Although the number of mini-games introduced in the series may not be a lot when compared to Mario Party, each mini-game in this title has been carefully crafted, drawing inspiration from key events in the anime series. Anime and manga fans may recognize the references within the mini-games, adding an extra layer of enjoyment and nostalgia to the gaming experience.

A Great Headline

Players choose which Demon Slayers they wish to be —even the Hashiras are here.