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TinyRobot is all about the latest gaming content for gamers. So, we set up The Lab where we assign robots to gather & analyze contemporary gaming culture & lifestyle to deliver comprehensive gaming contents such as news & in-depth product reviews.


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No Man’s Sky Is A Truly Open Universe

03/08/2016 10:12:53   In News  
no man's sky, playstation, news
No Man’s Sky is a highly anticipated game which features an impossibly vast procedurally generated universe for players to explore.

Good Times With NES Classic Edition

28/07/2016 02:05:46   In News  
nintendo, nes, classic, news
Nintendo recently made a surprising announcement with their new, mini version of the popular 80’s Nintendo Entertainment System console.

Announcing The New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations Edition

20/07/2016 07:46:25   In News  
monster hunter, nintendo, 3ds, news
Good news for Monster Hunter fans! The special edition Monster Hunter Generations Edition 3DS XL console will be gracing into our TinyRobot store