Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH - Understanding the Team behind the Game

Go Behind the Scenes with the development team

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Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Remake is a series documenting the journey of developing the one and only, FINAL FANTASY VII Remake. It features developer interviews and uses footage from the game and the prequel. You may find the video on Square Enix Channel, English subtitle available. 

Episode 1 – Shaping The World (Environment, Art and Music)


Episode One covers the re-imagining of FINAL FANTASY VII. Square Enix aimed to maintain continuity with the original while still adding new elements and exploration for the players to discover.

The team also stated that Gold Saucer was one of the most challenging areas they had to re-design

“so when we initially drafted the designs, I think we actually struggled the most.” – Shintaro Takai, Art Director

Episode 2 – Friends of Fate (Scenario, Cutscenes and Story)


Episode two is all about character relationships, introducing new cutscenes that enrich the story and explore the emotional journeys of the characters. The emphasis lies on their interactions and how they shape the storyline.

Episode 3 – New Friends & Foe (Characters, Combat, Localization)


Episode three covers on character design, combat mechanics, difficulties in localizations, and the goal of creating a new yet true experience for the original game.

P.S Did you know Aerith was the hardest character to localize?

Episode 4 – Voicing Icons (English Voice Actors)


Episode four is all about the voice actors connecting with the characters they’re playing. The voice actors share their insights into their roles and the emotional depth of their characters, highlighting the growth and challenges their characters face throughout the game.