Dave The Diver Physical Release!

Switch Owners rejoice! Dave the Diver celebrates its first anniversary with a release of the physical edition!

Vinces L

Switch owners, grab your snorkels and flippers because MINTROCKET is celebrating Dave the Diver first anniversary in style with a release of its much-anticipated physical release featuring a very unexpected but welcomed crossover.


For those who haven’t gotten the chance to dive into Dave the Diver, the game follows the journey of Dave, an intrepid diver with as big a heart as the ocean itself. Join Dave as he explores the vibrant sea, collecting ingredients during the day and running his sushi bar at night. I’ll leave the rest of the game for you to discover on your own.

"Sushi is a food that combines the souls of sea and land. It symbolizes Mother Nature herself."


Unexpected but welcomed crossover

Never would I imagine the crossover will feature a game that isn’t even inside the Nintendo switch, yet this crossover content is exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Lo and behold, the unexpected crossover: Guilty Gear Strive!

Why bother with a physical edition?

Dave the Diver was previously a digital-only game, purchasing the physical edition, or should I say, anniversary edition not only grant you the Guilty Gear pack and its physical casing. You also received digital artbook. Customers who pre-order will have a chance to get some special sticker sheets and a soundtrack CD featuring music from Dave the Diver.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

(Translation: Pre order bonus, Special Sticker Sets of 3, Special Sound Track)

Pre-Order Now at Website: https://tinyurl.com/yxrhjfzr