HOLOLIVE Official Card Game Teaser

Your Oshi is coming in a card form to battle with you

Vinces L

COVER Corp. recently revealed that they will be releasing a new TCG game based on our beloved HOLOLIVE Production members. The game is officially titled “HOLOLIVE Official Card Game," and Cover will work together with Bushiroad (known for Vanguard, Weiss, etc.) to develop and release this game. 

COVER Corp. has uploaded a teaser trailer for the new TCG on HOLOLIVE PRODUCTION Japanese official X (formerly twitter) account.


So far, we only have information on the design of the cards’ back sides. However, we were promised that the cards would feature both new and existing illustrations of our beloved Vtubers. –We can only speculate if they’re referring to existing designs from other card games or the vtubers’ “birthday” art.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Not the First Rodeo

This is not the first time COVER worked with Bushiroad. Previously, COVER and Bushi collaborated with releasing Hololive Booster packs for another TCG game, “Weiss Schwarz” back in 2022.

Unlike Weiss Schwarz, the gameplay design for HOLOLIVE Official Card Game will be handled by COVER, Bushiroad will assist the company in distributing the cards to multiple shops and organizing tournaments.

HOLOLIVE Official Card Game is scheduled to release in September 2024.