ONE PIECE CARD GAME Booster Box Vol.8 [OP08] (Box) (TCG)

ONE PIECE CARD GAME Booster Box Vol.8 [OP08] (Box) (TCG)

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Right Hand of Pirate King "Silvers Rayleigh" joins the battle!

The popular characters from the Whitebeard Pirates, Animal Kingdom Pirates, and Big Mom Pirates will make their debut as brand new Leader cards!

Silver Rayleigh steps into the fray!!

  • Silvers Rayleigh's powerful effect allows him to decrease the power value of the opponent's character card, then KO up to 1 character card with a power value below 3000!

Popular characters are now leaders!!

  • Characters from White Beard Pirates, Animal Kingdom Pirates and Big Mom Pirates are now here as Leaders!
  • Many characters will be featured in different colors than before!
  • Utilize powerful leader cards to construct entirely new decks!