Mobility Joint Gundam SP Figure - EX parts (Banpresto)

Mobility Joint Gundam SP Figure - EX parts (Banpresto)

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Mobility Joint Gundam SP (Weapon Parts Only)


  • Candy toy Gundam series equipped with assembled movable unit `MOBILITY JOINT`. [MOBILITY JOINT GUNDAM].
  • A plastic action model completed with MOBILITY JOINT and various parts and stickers.
  • The first SP bullet in the MOBILITY JOINT GUNDAM series, which brings together Amuro and Char's memorial machines.
  • [Gundam] [ν Gundam] [Sazabi] 3 bodies have been renewed to SP bullet specifications.
  • A total of 4 models are available, including the first-ever [Char's Zaku II].
  • With EX parts, [Char's Zaku II] becomes a high-mobility type, and ν Gundam is strengthened and expanded to HWS equipment with two types of EX parts.
  • Available in 8 types.