Digimon Color Ver.5 Original Vpet (Clear Green)

Digimon Color Ver.5 Original Vpet (Clear Green)

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of “DIGIMON Ver. 3 – Ver. 5,” we will be releasing “DIGIMON COLOR Ver. 3,” “DIGIMON COLOR Ver. 4,” and “DIGIMON COLOR Ver. 5.” with renewed color LCDs.

All 3 versions are available in their original colors: ORIGINAL PURPLE (DIGIMON Ver. 3), ORIGINAL CLEAR RED (DIGIMON Ver. 4), and ORIGINAL CLEAR GREEN (DIGIMON Ver. 5). 

Based on their original version released in 1997, the new devices will retain the same size as the “DIGIMON COLOR” and “DIGIMON COLOR Ver. 2.” The new color versions come with the built-in color LCD and rechargeable battery. What was once impossible with the original version, the new color LCD brings characters and background images to life. Additionally, gaining new background images are possible by communicating with other devices such as “DIGIMON COLOR” and DIGIMON COLOR Ver. 2.” The built-in rechargeable battery can be charged with a charging cable that comes in this set. (USB port is required for charging)