Chainsaw Man Glitter and Glamours - Makima Figure (Banpresto)

Chainsaw Man Glitter and Glamours - Makima Figure (Banpresto)

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Chainsaw Man Glitter & Glamours Makima

From the popular new manga-turned-anime Chainsaw Man, Banpresto presents a figure of devil huner Makima as new addition to their Glitter & Glamours series! Incredibly detailed, this figure stays true to the likeness of the character and is approximately 9.1 inches tall.

Makima is a high ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter in the anime series, Chainsaw Man. In actuality, Makima happens to be the Control Devil, with the power to control any individual who she believes is inferior to her, which is most people since she considers all around her as nothing more than dogs.

Product Features:

  • 9.1 inches tall (23cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on Chainsaw Man
  • Part of the Glitter & Glamours series
  • Highly detailed
  • Non-articulated

Box Contents:

  • Makima figure