Buccanyar - (Jpn)(Eng/Chn/Jpn/Kor)(Switch)

Buccanyar - (Jpn)(Eng/Chn/Jpn/Kor)(Switch)

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A long time ago, the world suffered a great calamity and much of the land sank into the sea. While the beauty of the ocean remained the same, the creatures that inhabited it go through changes, and the people strongly rejected entering the sea.

The people lived on the little land that remained. Then one day, “it” appeared. It was a giant with large wings who shone a holy light on the world, later dubbed the “Light of Judgment.”

The light gave power to people and life. It was an awakening and evolution to all life. Not just people—but also cats, dogs, pigs, and other animals.

The world transformed. People joined forces with awakened animals and rowed out into the sea once again. This was the beginning of the “Age of the Blue Sea.”

The Age of the Blue Sea was also the Age of the Blue Crystal. The Blue Crystal was the core of the Crystal Engine, and a source of energy for all life.

At the time, the people living on the land used the few blue crystals buried beneath the earth to get by each day.

However, those who set out to sea discovered vast spoils of Blue Crystals at the bottom of the ocean.

This massive discovery of Blue Crystals transformed life. Cities were constantly lit, driven by countless spirit furnaces, and prosperity flourished.

And so the Age of the Blue Sea blossomed, and the people set out to sea in search of Blue Crystals.

Meanwhile, guilds began to form among those who set out to sea. Organized mining by the guilds led to a stable supply of Blue Crystals, and a stable civilization…

Our story begins in the midst of the flourishing civilization in the Age of the Blue Sea.