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 POWER UP! Membership

Get rewarded even more POWER UP! Membership with every purchase you make in-store or online by upgrading TinyRobot Basic Membership with no fees required.

How To Upgrade To POWER UP! Membership

  • Earn at least 300 XP Points to unlock POWER UP! Membership.
  • Keep your POWER UP! Membership by earning 40 XP Points per year.
  • Spend at out store and gain XP Points.
POWER UP! Membership Perks
  • Get triple XP POINTS from a Basic 1 POINT to 3 POINTS by spending RM100 on a single receipt.
  • Each loyalty point you get, you get one XP POINT.
  • Priority update on latest information.
  • Get extra Trade-In value.

 Basic Membership

How To Earn Points.

Get rewarded with every purchase you make in-store or online by signing up TinyRobot Membership. Earn points every time you shop with us and get that next must-have products even cheaper. There are plenty of ways to sign up for TinyRobot membership. Sign-up online today or drop into our retail store to ask a member of staff to sign you up!

  • Earn points by purchasing your favourite products from our online store or retail store.
  • For every RM100 you spent, you earn 1 point. 1 point is equivalent to RM1.00. Effective from 1st March 2020.
  • You can buy new products from our online store or retail store by spending your points.
  • You're still able to earn points even after you spent your points if you spend at least RM100 on a single purchase.
  • Points cannot be used on any used, pre-paid top-up, pre-order & promotional products.
  • All the points you have is non-transferable.