You Can Change Your PSN ID Now

But There’s A Problem

Alwyn Phua

PlayStation Players Can Change Their PSN ID, But There's A Catch

Sony has finally allow PlayStation Network (PSN) users to change their PSN ID via their PS4 system settings or PlayStation Network Account Management on your web browser and it is free if you change your PSN ID for the first time. If you want to change again, you need to fork out RM40 every time you change your PSN ID. But if you have PlayStation Plus subscription, you only need to pay RM20 per change. If you want to go back to your old PSN ID, you can do so by contact customer support at no charge.

This PSN ID change however comes with a problem. You may experience some minor hiccups like showing old PSN ID or game settings being reset to default, which can be remedied by signing out & in again on certain games. Then there are problematic ones like losing game progress like keeping scores and achievement trophies, losing in-game currency or DLC purchases, as well as certain game features not function properly online or offline.

Sony has release a list of tested games that was published after 1st April 2018 that are affected or unaffected by the PSN ID change & more games will added to the list once tested. It is also noted that by reverting to the old PSN ID might not able to completely mitigate the problem created by the change. So proceed with caution.