Square Enix Releases 50 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Brought To You From Gamescom 2016

Alwyn Phua

Check Out This 50 Minutes Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Footage

What To Expect When The Game Releases


Still sore about Final Fantasy XV delay announcement? Here’s something to cheer you up hopefully.

Square Enix posted 50 minute of Final Fantasy XV gameplay footage from Gamescom 2016 on their official Japanese YouTube page to show us what to expect when the game releases.

 There are some potential spoilers but the gameplay footage shows multiple mixes of activities, combat, mission & cinematic scenes, which shows enough not to spoil the game entirely considering the scale of the game.

If you’re worried that you’ve some trouble understanding the language since the footage is posted on Japanese YouTube, don’t worry. Everything is in English for both voice & subtitles.

News source can be found in the link below: