Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Mini Officially Announced

It’s The Real Deal

Alwyn Phua

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Mini Unveiled To Celebrate 30th Anniversary

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Sega unveiled the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Mini at the Sega Fes 2018 event at Akibahara, Japan recently to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their classic console. The palm sized micro console will be sold in Japan this year 2018. Not much detail being revealed, but we can safely said the it would include some classic Sega games & you’ll be able to play with an included controller & plug them to your TV with HDMI connection. Hopefully the rest of the world would be able to own one sometime soon.

It isn’t all that surprising that Sega decided to join Nintendo’s bandwagon, following the incredible success of NES & Super NES Mini. Some of you might wonder, “Wait a minute, didn’t Sega made a classic mini version earlier?” If you’re referring to Sega Genesis Flashback HD, no they did not. They did however license it to 3rd party manufacturer, which turns out to be a very bad decision. The consoles were poorly made & the emulation was unstable with choppy framerate & audio. They didn’t fare well with the critics & customers. So it’s a good thing for Sega to step in & get the job done themselves.

We’ll provide updates once Sega reveal their details to us. News sources can be found in the link below: