One Piece Odyssey is coming to switch!

One of the most memorable adventures is now coming to switch

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Ahoy, fellow One Piece enthusiasts! Get ready to set sail on an epic adventure as the beloved 25th anniversary game One Piece Odyssey is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch! Whether you're a longtime fan of the Straw Hat crew or new to the world of One Piece, the game promises to bring the high seas action right to your fingertips. 


Covering Major Arcs from the One Piece Universe

Fans get to re-experience four story arcs from One Piece’s past – Alabasta, Water Seven (aka Enies Lobby), Marineford, and, of course, Dressrosa! You’re not there to change anything about the past, though. Think of it as a trip down memory lane.

What is the story of One Piece Odyssey?

During their travels, the crew encounters a massive storm, landing them on the mysterious island of Waford. They met two new characters there, Lim and Adio, who took away the powers of the Straw Hat Pirates. The story then follows the crew trying to get their lost powers back.

Gameplay Mechanics and Combat System

Odoo CMS - a big picture

One Piece Odyssey offers an engaging turn-based combat system where players can strategically utilize the unique abilities of each Straw Hat crew member. Explore the vast island of Waford, solve intricate puzzles, and take on challenging enemies as you work to regain your lost powers. The game also includes RPG elements such as levelling up, skill upgrades, and party customization, providing a deep and rewarding gameplay experience.

Our beloved Voice Actors are here

If you’ve watched the anime, then you’ll no doubt recognize the One Piece Odyssey voice actors! The voice actors have once again repeated their roles in the game – even Mayumi Tanaka. It’s safe to say that One Piece fans will feel right at home when they hear the talented cast of characters talking.

P.S. This is for the Japanese dubbed. At the time of writing, the game does not have an English dub.

Get ready to sail and embark on a legendary adventure right from your Nintendo Switch! Don’t miss out – Join the crew and experience One Piece Odyssey on July 26th, 2024

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