Nintendo To Reveal NX Console Tomorrow

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Nintendo NX Console Will Be Revealed Tomorrow

A New Trailer

Yup. It’s happening folks! After almost drowning in landfill of Nintendo console rumours, we are going to get our first look of their all new console, The Nintendo NX tomorrow 7am OT/10 am ET or 10pm Malaysia time.

We are not entirely sure how much information will be revealed but they will present a trailer on their official website, I am extremely excited for this because Nintendo current console Wii U is lagging behind PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. Hopefully, this console would change that.

Nintendo previously stated the console will begin their sale in March 2017, but that could change once we get to see what will be revealed tomorrow. 

UPDATE: Apparently, Nintendo Japan's twitter announced that they will reveal the NX trailer tonight. Presumably the japanese trailer will be up first then the american trailer up the next day.

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