Nintendo Is Releasing Wii Games For NVidia Shield…In China

Wait What?

Alwyn Phua

Nintendo Is Bringing Back Classic Wii Games, But Not In A Way We Expected

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Nintendo is bringing back classic Wii games, but not in a way we expected. Nintendo, NVidia & iQiyi are collaborating together to bring Nintendo games in China for the NVidia Shield. It looks like Nintendo & NVidia partnership isn’t just limited to supplying chipset for the Nintendo Switch apparently.

Earlier this year in 2017, a Chinese news site reported that both NVidia & Nintendo had signed license agreement that Nintendo will provide games for the NVidia Shield for the China market when it launches later this year starting with the New Super Mario Bros.

Industry analyst, Daniel Ahmad‏ released some interesting information to share on twitter

It is pretty interesting to see Nintendo games running on Nvidia Shield instead of their own product. But knowing China's iron clad restriction on introducing new gaming console to the market, Nintendo needed to start somewhere to penetrate the video market dominated by PlayStation & Xbox.

If you’re expecting Nintendo to release its games outside of China & to your NVidia Shield…don’t hold your breath. But I’m pretty sure that Wii games would probably make their way to the Nintendo Switch eventually whether through their Virtual Console service or HD re-master.

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