Hello Kitty Island Adventure is more Stardew Valley than Animal Crossing

The previous Apple Arcade Exclusive “Hello Kitty Island Adventure” happens to be a mixture of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing

Vinces L

When Hello Kitty Island Adventure was teased back on Nintendo Direct on 18.06.2024. Many Nintendo fans were quick to call the game “Animal Crossing” clone. It is hard to deny the claim as it does share a lot of similarities; however, the game happens to be closer to Stardew Valley than Animal Crossing!


Similarities with Animal Crossing

Making friends!!

Hello Kitty Island Adventure will have you slowly build a relationship with various Sanrio characters — Ahh My Melody!! Have a friendship level high enough, and you can invite the Sanrio characters to join you in exploring the world. Each with their own benefits and bonuses to provide you.

Laidback Gameplay

Hello Kitty Island Adventure barely has any strict objectives, players have all the freedom to explore, decorate, and engage in various activities at their own pace.

Similarities with Stardew Valley

Resource Management all over again

Players who played Stardew Valley understand how many times you would go into the cave just to get a chance to get your slime to finish your slime egg. Well... Hello Kitty Island Adventure will have you go through that same pain once more, albeit much easier lenient compare to Stardew Valley.

With that said, there are instances of players complaining of poor spawn rate for certain loots.

Huge but with small restriction Customization

The game has already a preset layout, unlike Animal Crossing, you are unable to terraform your island to your liking. You may however decorate the island or the other Sanrio’s cabin to your liking! – You’ll have to make sure their request item is there or they might move out.

Exploration and adventure!

The game heavily encourages players to traverse the island. Players can uncover secrets and obtain rare items, akin to exploring in the caves or forests in Stardew Valley.

Its own charm

Let’s not kid ourselves, this game would have just stayed stagnant if it were a carbon copy of both the game mentioned. The game has slowly and steadily grown a huge loyal and loving community ever since it first released on Apple Arcade back on 2023 as an exclusive game. The fact that this game is now finally about to release on Switch after months of players asking for it, shows that this is a competitor to Animal Crossing

Our Beloved Sanrio

The biggest thing this game has, is that it has Sanrio Characters in the game! —Did I mention I absolutely love My Melody? For many players, these characters bring a sense of nostalgia and a deep emotional connection, which is enhanced by making us befriending and exploring with them in the game.

Character-Driven Storytelling

Most quests in the game are heavily centered around iconic Sanrio characters, each with their own unique personalities and storylines. Completing quests often increases your friendship levels with the characters.

Story Setting

The game is set on a whimsical island known as Big Adventures Park, a once popular and vibrant theme park and vacation destination but now abandoned and in a poor condition.

You, along with the Sanrio Characters aim to restore the island, uncover its secrets, and bring joy back to its various areas by rebuilding and redecorating it!

Whether you’re a longtime Sanrio fan or new to Hello Kity, this game promises a lovely escape filled with creativity, exploration and lots of LOTS of cuteness. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get a hold of this game when it releases on the Nintendo Switch next year!