First Look At Final Fantasy XV Character Creation System

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Alwyn Phua

Final Fantasy XV Character Creation Coming Soon

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Square Enix is working hard to push new contents to already huge Final Fantasy XV game. Now, we are getting news that we are getting one amazing feature that was just a consideration. Square Enix has confirmed that they are working on character creation system for Final Fantasy XV

In an interview with DualShockers, Game Director, Hajime Tabata shared some details about character creation for multiplayer with the possibility of implementing the feature to single player. Tabata said,” The character creation function is actually in the works right now, however is not something that we can just show off, as it would probably not wow your readers at this stage. However, what we’re doing right now is not just implementing a character creation feature, but we want to combine that with a multiplayer feature, so that players can not only create a new character, but also bring it in multiplayer.”

The character creation system is still in development. Nothing much is being said on how the system would be implemented in certain multiplayer or single player game mode. You can check out the full transcript of the interview with Hajime Tabata at DualShockers website in the link below.