Detroit: Become Human Receives Positive Early Impressions

Special Event with Quantic Dream

Alwyn Phua

SEA Media Journalist Get A Taste Of Detroit: Become Human At A Special Event

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PlayStation is on a roll right now with their PS4 exclusive God Of War, which received not only rave reviews from the critics everywhere, it pretty much conquered the sales chart worldwide. PlayStation doesn’t just stop there with just one PS4 exclusive in 2018. Next month, we’ll getting another highly anticipated game, Detrot Become Human on 25th May 2018.

A select media journalist from South East Asia were invited to a Detroit: Become Human special event on 13th April 2018 where they were given an opportunity to play the game in its full glory up to 3 hours of gameplay. What’s awesome that Guillaume de Fondaumière, Quantic Dream co-CEO & Producer of Detroit: Become Human were present to provide interviews.

The early impression of the game were positive. The media journalist express excitement over the game features, characters & engaging story line. It looks like Detroit: Become Human will likely be another hit for the PlayStation.

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