Bandai Namco Drops New Digimon World: Next Order Gameplay Trailer

Un-hatch Your Destiny

Alwyn Phua

Bandai Namco Releases New Digimon World Next Order Trailer

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Bandai Namco has dropped a new Digimon World: Next Order "UN-HATCH YOUR DESTINY" gameplay trailer

In the trailer we are introduced to gameplay, as players collect and train their Digimon & exploring the vast world in-game. When losing in the game, the game also allow players to fuse two of Digimons with “Extra Cross Evolution” into a more powerful Digimon in order to defeat the tougher enemies depending the strength of the player’s bond with their Digimon.

The game introduce a new Digimon named BoltBautamon,  a demon-type Digimon born out out of Piedmon absorbing Myotismon, and whose actions aim to cover the world in darkness while eradicating the light. Its special attack is called "Palazivalzer," which fires magic from its trusty sword, "Spiedini."

Check out the trailer in the link below: