5 Things About Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign

A Narrative Experince Between Pilot & Titan

Alwyn Phua

Respawn Entertainment Bringing You A New Single Player Experience With Titanfall 2

A Story Driven Campaign


Respawn Entertainment has announced that Titanfall 2 has a story driven single player campaign. While its predecessor has a story mode, it is deeply built into multiplayer which serves more or less like a tutorial. Titanfall 2 however, single player campaign is pretty much a standalone experience. It doesn’t tie in with multiplayer like some sort of tutorial, but it does prepare the player to understand the basic mechanics of the game and introduction to the game.

Even though the single player has a linear story, it doesn’t have a fixed path for players to follow along like a traditional first person shooter game. The game offers multiple ways to explore & it is up to the player how they wanted to approach the game to reach their objective.