Unravelling KK One Piece TCG META

Discover the latest trends and top contenders in the KK Flagship Tournament

Vinces L

On April 14th, 2024, TinyRobot’s One Piece Rumble (Flagship) tournament invited a total of 28 participants, each battling hoping to secure their spots in top 8. With 16 distinct leaders in play, the competition was filled with unique tactics and playstyles. 

The tournament ran on five rounds of intense Swiss competition, following the latest ban lists and regulations to ensure a fair and balanced event.

From seasoned veterans to up-and-coming challengers, all participants brought their absolute best to outwit their opponents.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Top 8 Leaders

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Ever since the ban on Sakazuki (OP05-041), Moria and R/P Law have taken turns winning the flagship event. Much to our surprise, Nami is still able to reach the top 8 in this hellish meta of pure swarm (Moria) and field control (Law).

We can safely say that Moria and R/P Law will definitely dominate May’s flagship before the release of OP-08. 

Our Speculation on the META

Moria has emerged as a favourite among players, thanks to the leader's ability to assert board control through a relentless stream of cheap summons. Many decks struggle to withstand Moria's persistent, albeit modest, offensive pressure.

Meanwhile, R/P Law has also gathered significant attention, with all three players piloting Law decks securing spots in the top 8. On paper, Law boasts favourable matchups against several of the game's current leaders, given his ability for shuffling opponents' characters back into their decks rather than outright KO'ing them.

However, despite its popularity, Enel has yet to reclaim its former glory since the ban of Sakazuki. Despite having four players in the tournament, Enel has failed to notch any major achievements in recent months. Widely acknowledged as a powerful leader, Enel's inability to secure the top spot begs the question: what is he missing?