Bandai TCG+ Mandatory for all Bandai TCG event!

Players are required to create and use Bandai TCG+ to join future Bandai Events

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BANDAI has recently made a significant move towards enhancing the player experience and fostering a more connected community with the introduction of Bandai TCG+. Starting from June, Bandai Trading Card Games players are required to have a Bandai TCG+ account to join official and store events.

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Bandai TCG+ serves as a centralized hub for players to manage their TCG journey comprehensively. From organizing their decks and collections to tracking their progress and participating in events, this platform offers a seamless and intuitive experience. By consolidating essential functionalities into a single app, Bandai is streamlining the TCG experience and empowering players to take control of their gameplay like never before.

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(a look at what ONE PIECE TCG event is available in the app)

Why should you join Bandai TCG+

Ever drop by an event only for it to be full? With Bandai TCG+, you no longer have to think of such fear. Players will now get an indicator stating <Selected> if they are able to join the event. And we all know players who registered for an event only for them to not show up, disrupting the entire player count, players who abuse the system will now affect their chances of being selected for future events.

Sportsmanship, Ethics & Integrity

With Bandai TCG+ players are encouraged to be honest and maintain sportsmanship throughout the event more than ever! This is because any player found breaking the rules may get their account banned. Players who are banned are unable to join any events until stated.

Deck Registration and Pairing

It is common courtesy to arrange your deck for the organizer to register your deck, however, it is always a hassle when you have to rearranged it after trying out your deck. With BANDAI TCG+, players now only need to register their deck digitally in the system. This allows event organizers to refer with your deck more easily.

Players may also refer to their pairing, who they are up against, via Bandai TCG+ app. This allows players to find their opponent easily without the need for event organizer to announce one by one.

What are the games that’ll be using Bandai TCG+

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Bandai TCG+ isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to a more immersive and connected TCG experience. With features like advanced deck-building tools, real-time event notifications, and etc., it's the ultimate companion for every TCG enthusiast. Plus, with exciting events waiting to be discovered, there's never been a better time to join the Bandai TCG+ community. Don't miss out on the action; download the app today and embark on this exciting new adventure with us. We'll see you at the events!

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