Skull & Co OLED Gripcase + 3 Grip Holder + Pouch (Neon)(OLED)(Pre-Order)

Skull & Co OLED Gripcase + 3 Grip Holder + Pouch (Neon)(OLED)(Pre-Order)

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A must-have for gamers who prefer Switch in handheld mode

Official Release Date: Early of November 2021. Product arrival in store within 1-3 working date

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  • Designed for both Nintendo Switch OLED and regular model
  • Keep the kickstand accessible - Doesn't block card slot, vents, or buttons on the console, or the kickstand on the back of the console
  • Interchangeable grips - 3 different designs to fit all hand sizes
  • Ergonomic design - Allows hours of play without fatigue
  • Made of hard PC - Provides solid protection, reduces fall impact
  • Slider design - Super easy to switch grips