Metaphor: ReFantazio (Collector) - (R3)(Eng)(PS4) (Pre-Order)

Metaphor: ReFantazio (Collector) - (R3)(Eng)(PS4) (Pre-Order)

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Official Release Date: 11th October 2024. Product arrival in store within 1-3 working days after official release date.

*Do note that rare collectibles may experience unpredictable stock shortages and we apologise for the inconvenience. We will fully refund you in the event it does happen. Thank you for your understanding.

The RM100 stated in the price refers to deposit. Final price is to be confirmed. Upon game pre-order cancellation more than 1 weeks before game release, deposit will be refunded in 7 working days. Deposit is non-refundable if pre-order cancellation is less than 1 week before game release. Pre-ordered games cannot be changed less than 1 week before the game release. Upon game arrival, our customer service personnel will contact you for the remaining balance of the price. Make sure to include valid contact no & email address during checkout process. Customer who pre-ordered their game will have 30 days period to collect their game after it is made available to purchase in store. After 30 days, game pre-ordered is considered cancelled & deposit forfeited

Pre-order bonus:

Archetype Experience Item Set:

  • Hero's Incense x10 (Increases Archetype experience by 100)
  • Heroic Fruit x5 (Increases Archetype experience by 500)

Journey Rations Set:

  • 30,000 reeves (In-game currency)
  • Magical Bread x3 (Recover a small amount of HP while in dungeons)
  • Expensive Medicine x5 (Recovers 200 HP)
  • Stale Blackbread x2 (Deals 300 Almighty damage to one enemy.)
  • Revival Medicine x5 (Revives one ally)

*Items within the CE (excluding the game) will only be in Japanese language: 

Collector's edition includes:
  • Premium Artbook
  • Special Soundtrack
  • Atlus Brand 35th History Book
  • Atlus Brand 35th Anniversary All-Time Best
  • Exclusive Original Acrylic Stand
  • Premium Stickers
  • Download Code for Costume & BGM Bundle (8 Sets)